Youtube Project

I have been working on the YouTube project for a while now. It is a more personal look into my life, in which I discuss topics that interest me, and my previous experiences (work or other). It can range from trying meditation apps, to videos about work life balance!

Check out the latest video here!


Tasteful Moustache

The Tasteful Moustache Podcast is best described by the iTunes description “Pop the kettle on, and take a seat on the couch. Enjoy some chill conversations with interesting guests on Mondays, and Filmmaker Friday on, you guessed it, a Friday, where we interview Filmmakers and discover the interesting stories, and tips they have for budding filmmakers. Just make sure you don’t laugh while going about your daily life!”

Originally planned to be having a pint with some friends and chatting about god knows what, it ended up becoming a podcast dedicated to interviews. Whether the guest had created an album, or was creating Stella YouTube content, they were on the show. We’d have a laugh, and promote their content. Later down the line, I wanted to incorporate my love for filmmaking, so I added the segment “Filmmaker Friday”, where I would interview filmmakers, with the sole purpose of teaching aspiring filmmakers, and helping the community.

And thats where we are at the moment. If you would like to check out Tasteful Moustache, you can go to it’s website here, or search for it in iTunes, Podbean, YouTube and Twitch, or click the links below.

The Enjoyable News

The Enjoyable News is a project that hasn’t been going for too long, but is already gaining some traction. The whole premise is to inform the user of news in a fast, mildly humorous and lighthearted fashion. The intent is to give the user a great start to the day.

The Enjoyable News is currently an Amazon Echo app, and soon to be on iTunes and YouTube. So, please be sure to check it out!

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