I have always had a passion for communication. Getting my voice out there (both literally and metaphorically) has always been at the centre of my goal. This lead to me producing online content for YouTube, Vidme and Twitch throughout my childhood.

So I decided to set up a Fiverr account. Give the whole “voiceover” thing a go. It was great. I learned how to market myself, and it soon lead me to go full time!

I had been doing YouTube alongside, and had recently started my podcast “Tasteful Moustache”, where I interview content creators, and the segment “Filmmaker Friday” where I interview filmmakers, and aim to help aspiring filmmakers get to where the guests are. I also decided to start an Amazon Echo Skill, called “The Enjoyable News”. Building brands and marketing various projects has been so much fun, and it’s something I’d like to take further

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– Jordan.

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