Voiceover resources I’ve found useful

Voiceover resources I’ve found useful

July 11, 2018 Voiceover Tips 0

As you may know (if you’ve been following the blog), I’m getting in to voiceover. Throughout my research, I’ve found a multitude of different resources that helped me gain some knowledge, and hopefully, you can too. I’d also like to preface that I haven’t been paid to promote any of these, it’s just that I’ve found them personally useful. Without further a-due, here are voiceover resources I’ve found useful.


Bill Dewees

Bill Dewees is an American voiceover artist. He has a great YouTube channel, which I found first, just by looking for voiceover videos on the site. He offers great tutorials for beginners, and tips for everyone in the industry. His videos teeter towards the business, performance and mentality side of voiceover, which are incredibly important for every voiceover artist.


Booth Junkies

Booth Junkies. A YouTube channel run by another American voiceover artist, Mike DelGaudio. His channel is ideal for the equipment side of voiceover. He reviews and compares different microphones, and soundproofing. If you are looking to create a home recording booth, I’d recommend his video on it, or my blog post on it here.


Voice Acting Mastery

The first resource on this list that isn’t on YouTube. Crispin Freeman is well known in the industry, for his work in anime and video games. He created a podcast back in June 2011. His podcast centres around everything voice acting. Remember, acting is key in voiceover. He talks about the industry, interviews people in the field. It’s a truly helpful resource.

The voiceOver nETWORK

The Voiceover Network was founded by Rachael Naylor, and is a great resource. They offer courses for newbies, not just in voiceover however, but also in social media, which you can use to further your voiceover career. I’m on my final week of a beginners course, and I can vouch that they have been incredibly useful. They also host events here in the UK, where you can network, and meet some great people. The Voiceover Network is definitely something to look into.


This Blog

I bet you knew this was coming. I don’t want to go on for too long, but the aim for this is to provide you value, and save you from making mistakes that I most definitely made on the way. So be sure to follow me on my social media (Its @Jordan__reader, yes thats a double underscore) to keep updated!



Did I miss any important resources? If I did, please let me know, everyone could do with more learning resources!

– Jordan


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