Voiceover equipment I use, and will use

Voiceover equipment I use, and will use

July 8, 2018 Equipment Voiceover Tips 0

As someone who is fairly new to voiceover, in comparison to the majority of veterans sharing information online, I don’t have the top tier equipment. I have, however, used different equipment, and done the research, so that you don’t have to. Let’s get into it.


Samson Meteor

This was the microphone I started with. Initially purchased for commentary videos, it would serve me incredibly well, eventually being used for Tasteful Moustache, and The Enjoyable News. It also was my first voiceover microphone, despite being USB. However I wanted to upgrade as soon as possible.



This is my current microphone. It’s an entry level xlr compatible microphone. It is great for voiceover, whether you’re just getting into the field, or are looking for a good budget/quality upgrade from USB.


The Behringer UMC22

When I received this product, it didn’t work. Typical, but it happens from time to time. Later, after I had a new one sent my way, so I connected it with the phantom power switched on (which was supposed to be enough to power my microphone). However, it didn’t supply sufficient power. I purchased an external phantom power supply, to resolve said issue.


The Shure SM7B

Now, onto the microphones I aspire to have. The Shure SM7B is a staple in the podcasting, and radio world, and is great for voiceover. I wouldn’t recommend it just for voiceover, as their are many microphones that are better for voiceover specifically. However, as I own a podcast and produce audio content for amazon echos, it would be a great choice for me, which is why I personally aspire to own one.


The Neumann U87

The gold standard, extremely well renowned in the voiceover world, and used by industry veterans. This is an extremely pricey microphone, but if you have that kinda money, it’s really worth looking into.



As for audio interfaces, I’ve had a brief look around, but haven’t settled on any that I want long term. I’ll create a blog post later down the line when I have found one, and it will be based solely on audio interfaces.

– Jordan.


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