Creating a home recording booth

Creating a home recording booth

July 1, 2018 Tutorial Vocal Booth Voiceover Tips 0

Through engraining myself into the voiceover industry, I noticed the need for a home recording booth. Somewhere that I can record auditions, or even paying gigs. With a lack of space, I wasn’t sure what to do. So I thought on it, till I settled on converting my built in wardrobe into a booth.


First, I sound treated the walls, the ceiling of the wardrobe, and the doors. This would lead to an enclosed recording space ideal for voiceover. I used acoustic foam, which is easily found online or in some music stores. Most recommend the foam to be attached to the wall via adhesive spray, however this can permanently damage the wall. Therefore, I settled on using spray adhesive to the corners, attaching cardboard, and sticking it to the wall using blu-tack. Not ideal, but it does the job. The extra space between the wall and foam also helped to sound proof and treat the space.


I grabbed a chair, attached my microphone stand and placed it in an ideal position. Now all that was left was to upgrade my audio equipment. Prior to this I had been using a USB microphone, not a good start. I upgraded to an XLR compatible mic; the “RODE NT1-A” to be precise. I purchased a cheap amazon audio interface, which you shouldn’t generally cheap out on, but I’m really aiming for the minimal viable product.


So that is a very basic home booth setup. I need to purchase some LED lights, and make it look snazzy. Here are the top tips I’d give if you’re considering creating your own home booth:

  1. Ensure that you aren’t using spray adhesive on the wall. It can be removed using adhesive spray removal, however it’s not worth running the risk.
  2. Make sure it’s a comfortable space, you might be spending a lot of time in there!
  3. There are some good USB fans that work incredibly well, with no sound. Definitely worth looking into.


So those are my tips from learning the hard way. I’m by no means an expert, but hopefully this helps someone somewhere. And this is what my booth looks like currently, it’s WIP:

Thank you for checking out the blog, keep checking back for more posts.

– Jordan.


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